Saturday, May 03, 2008

Opinion Polls—Missing in Action

There’s an article in today’s hardcopy Yomiuri, page four, on the response from the Prime Minister regarding the most recent drop in the opinion polls. It’s very, very brief, so I’m going to translate it in its entirety.

Sudden Drop in Support “[I Accept It] with Great Seriousness”

On the night of [May] 2nd, Prime Minister stated regarding the sudden drop in support for the Fukuda Cabinet in all the media opinion polls, “I am accepting them with great seriousness.” He responded to a question from reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office. According to the Kyodo News survey (taken on May 1-2), support dropped into the teens, at 19.8%; with the Asahi Shinbun survey (taken on April 30-May 1) at 20% and the Nikkei, Inc. survey (same), they fell between 5-8% from their previous surveys.

So you tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Need a hint? Mainichi also took a May 1-2 poll, putting the Fukuda Cabinet at 18%.

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