Friday, September 05, 2008

Browser Wars…KILL KILLKILLYEESSS… but in the Meantime…

Farhad Manjoo’s article on Google Chrome tells me that I wasn’t the only one who’d been crashing and losing his memory with Firefox. My problem now is, how do I make the bookmarks on my Google toolbar appear on Chrome?

… please?


Jan Moren said...

When I installed Chrome on my work machine it automagically copied all the bookmarks, including the toolbar, from Firefox.

Chrome seems OK. Nice, clean interface, possibly a little faster (that may just be my own expectations biasing my perceptions). But without plugins - and especially without an ad blocker - it's simply not a usable browser for me at this point. Nice concept, but incomplete.

Jun Okumura said...


Now I see what the problem is. All my bookmarks are on the Google toolbar, which I can't display, and Google Chrome only imports from Firefox and Internet Explorer. I'll see if there's away around this problem. Otherwise, I'll wait for 1.0.