Sunday, April 05, 2009

Request regarding New Komeito

Do you have recommendations for reading and/or insights on Komeito/New Komeito? Particularly welcome is anything that helps understand how and when it gets what it wants and when it doesn't as the LDP’s junior coalition partner. Both Japanese and English texts are welcome. This will be a key element of a book that a friend of mine is co-writing. The scholar comes to this blog fairly frequently (thanks), so please post any leads here. If for any reason you prefer not to post it here, please email: For offline material, please indicate, if possible, the title of the book/magazine/monograph and the names of the author and publisher.

Thank you.


Michael Strausz said...

George Ehrhardt has a paper in the newest edition of the _Japanese Journal of Political Science_ that I strongly recommend. He spend a good deal of time talking with local chapters of soka gakkai as well as komeito organizers. I look forward to reading your friend's book, because students always want to know more about the New Komeito.

Jun Okumura said...

I thank you on behalf of my friend, Dr. Strausz. I'm looking forward to the book too.