Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canvassing a Bunch of Business Executives on the LDP Presidential Election

Okay, it’s not quite Secret Muslim Socialist vs. Mr. 53%, but for what it’s worth, their more or less consensus...

Abe, Shinzo: He quit prime minister because his stomach hurt, and he’s running again?*
Hayashi, Yoshimasa: Member of the House of Councillors, so he’s not really eligible.
Ishiba, Shigeru: Can’t he smile a little bit more?
Ishihara, Nobuteru: His words carry no weight.
Machimura, Nobutaka: 67 is a dangerous age.**
Sidebar: Mori is Abe and Machimura’s faction leader and he’s pushing Ishihara?

Ishiba by default if big business has its way? We’ll know in another week, one way or another.

* True dialogue overheard elsewhere:
Journalist: He quit because he had a tummy ache!
Pundit X : It’d be like nominating Tom Eagleton for president!
** They’d just received word that Machimura had been hospitalized.

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