Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking News from Post 3.11, Post-Valentine’s Day Miyagi Prefecture

“The 44 year-old who stole chocolates from national civil servant: ‘I wanted [the chocolates]’”

On February 16 (Sat), a 44 year-old, self-described unemployed Sendai resident was arrested for stealing a bag of Valentine’s chocolates and other things worth a total of approximately 550 yen off a bicycle owned by a national civil servant. The civil servant chased down the thief and took him down.

To be sure, the story did not appear in the hardcopy Tokyo edition. Still, as a former national civil servant, it’s nice to see a civil servant mentioned in the media as the victim, not the perpetrator, of a common crime. What next, an ex-policeman making a citizen’s arrest on a shoplifter? A Self-Defense Force sailor on shore leave rescuing a kitten from a tree? Stay tuned.

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