Sunday, January 05, 2014

Did I Get It Right on the Public Response to Abe’s Yasukuni Visit? Plus ADIZ Takeback

Does the one percentage-point rise in support for the Abe cabinet from 54.2% to 55.2% in the post-Yasukuni visit December 28-29 Kyodo poll vindicate my prediction? I’d like to, but it appears to be comfortably within the margin of error. Let’s call it a draw.

BTW James Manicom has an important point or two to make about the Mainichi revelation of the Chinese prior “notification” of its ADIZ. I accept his take, which I think has been vindicated by the subsequent lack of follow-up by the players and the media, in principle, so I’m retracting my own take on the matter. Go look him up in the Japan discussion forum moderated by John Campbell.

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