Thursday, August 07, 2014

Where Have Yomiuri’s English-Language Contents Gone?

Seriously, all that I can find is this crapulous loop of an advertisement solicitation. With the following blurb:

The Japan News makes full use of the comprehensive coverage of The Yomiuri Shimbun, while also offer a wide range of information from its feature and other sections.

Looks like English-language copy editor got axed as well.

Hey, if Yomiuri can’t afford it… (And to think it recently published a series of articles warning that China was lapping Japan and then some in the competition for international eyeballs.)


Yakimi said...

Speaking of which, would you happen to know why Japanese media outlets are so reluctant to keep their content online compared to other countries? Articles curiously expire every few weeks, which is a pain when doing research via Google. The only exception I've found are the English editions of Asahi and Nikkei.

Jun Okumura said...


You’ll have to ask them for a definitive answer but my guess is that this is their way of maintaining their (slowly but surely dwindling) hardcopy subscription base. They’ve seen the US newspapers putting more of their contents online permanently, and probably do not like what they see in terms of revenue prospects.