Monday, January 27, 2014

Off-the-Cuff: Hosokawa, Abe…

A quickie, from a late-night, transpacific email exchange with a couple of people whom I deeply respect. (Yes, I’m the wiseguy.) Speaking of which, I’m going to catch this one if I can. Anyway…

# The Tokyo election? Hey, at least the Vasa sailed 1300 meters before it sank, much better than Hosokawa's candidacy.

# Abe making nice with Erdogan, Putin, and India's defacto lameduck prime minister? The real story here is that all this is taking that much time away from working on his third arrow.

# Abe's WW I analogy? Red herring. (See preceding bullet.)*

* I want to elaborate on what I mean by this.

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ArmchairAsia said...

It is indeed a curiosity how much time Abe spends outside the country shaking hands with major and minor despots. My thought is that his handlers want him to look busy as well as go through the motions of looking like a world leader. They must not think any good can come of him being busy in Japan.