Thursday, August 23, 2012

FYI: Comments Moderated for the Time Being

My blog has always been in the public domain. I have made it my practice to let all incoming comments by posted unfiltered, delete spam, and do my best to respond to them. (I also keep a copy of all comments, my own included, so no one pulls an Aldo DeVito on me so to speak.) Unfortunately, one individual, having been banned from at least one public forum, has chosen my blog to post comments that are unrelated to my posts and are substantively counterproductive to public discourse. I feel no personal animosity towards the individual since he appears to be mentally ill. Nevertheless, the selfish being that I am, I cannot let my blog be used for whatever therapeutic purposes it may be serving to the detriment of my experience and that of my small but (hopefully) faithful readership; I am not a professional caregiver, nor his brother nor keeper.

To make what could be an even longer story short, I am now moderating comments, but only to make sure that the comments of said individual will no longer appear on my blog. All other non-spam comments continue to be welcome. A warning to said individual: I reserve the right to delete all your comments retroactively at any time, and I will certainly do so if you post on my blog again if and when I revert to unfiltered mode at some point in the future.

That’s it. Now, back to work.

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