Thursday, August 09, 2012

You Mean, What Do Chiaki Kuriyama and I Have in Common?

What, indeed. I thought you’d never ask.

This is what Chiaki Kuriyama (for those of you who do not recall that name, she played Go Go Yubari in Kill Bill Volume One) looks like and this is what I look like. But beauty is only skin deep. I’ll let her tell it in her own words, right here:

“I’m lazy, I’m not good at sports, and I like to eat when I want, and drink when I want.” She enjoys shochu, the Japanese vodka, while watching the Olympics on TV, and says, “Every day, I look forward to the night.”

Hmm, maybe I should give Chiaki a call…

And speaking of alcohol, good friend Mark Brown has been doing a lot of field work on that subject and has dug up this story about a retired chemical engineer. Turns out, Chiaki and I were both doing the early retirement thing without knowing.

“Hey, Chiaki, there’s this nice beachfront place in Miami…”

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