Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Show Must Go on for the Japan-China-ROK FTA

I read this morning that the next round of talks for the three-party FTA talks will go on as scheduled on August 21 in Beijing, already upgraded to the vice-ministers level at Chinese insistence. Yes, they would like that, wouldn’t they? My money is still on South Korean foot-dragging, so I wouldn’t drop the idea of a Japan-China bilateral FTA yet, but it’s intriguing to see the Chinese authorities playing the role of the conciliator, if you will, at this juncture.

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Mark said...

Finally it appears that those morons did something right for a change. Though I deplore the concept of seikei bunri, it is better than having both the political and economic relations in the toilet. If the three countries can get the economic side right, that's better than nothing, I suppose.

Anyways, could you talk a little bit more about the trade negotiations? Oh wait, s*** negotiations have to do with economics and as you've told us many times you're not an economist. But wait...weren't you involved in trade negotiations for Japan. Oh, that's right, you were crappy at that too. I mean, even Foojisaki was able to negotiate several trade agreements. And we all know what a foo Foojisaki is. But you, on the other hand, no FTAs even though America was busy signing NAFTA.