Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goshi Hosono Obviously Knows How Horror Movies Are Supposed to End

By now, the false ending has become such a staple of horror movies that you’ll be shocked if the monster/villain doesn’t rise up again when the good guys are hugging and/or kissing each other. And remember, Hatoyama has been there, done that. In 2010, he expressed his intention not to run again for a Diet seat when he left the prime minister’s office, only to change his mind not too long after. Now, today (Nov. 21), the day after telling his Hokkaido supporters that he wouldn’t be running again because he wasn’t willing to support a pro-TPP campaign platform, he is paying a visit to Prime Minister Noda for purposes unknown. Goshi Hosono, the smooth-talking head of the DPJ Policy Research Council, had the following to say about that according to Sankei Shimbun:

His words: If the media reports are true, I suppose that he chose honorable voluntary retirement.
What may have been going through his mind: I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

His words: Since it is a very serious decision on the eve of the election, Mr. Hatoyama is surely going to talk with the prime minister after making a firm decision.
What may have been going through his mind: If Hatoyama thinks that Noda is going to let him talk him into talking him out of retirement, he’s nuts… wait!

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