Thursday, November 22, 2012

Too Big, or Too Small? Make Up Your Mind, LDP

The LDP website has a new fresh look, very white, with lots of little dabs of green, all of it giving it a bottled-water, air-freshener, hygienic-products commercial look. In fact, it’s so white that it leaves two wide blanks at the margins in the default 100% zoom setting on my Chrome browser*. Anyone who intends to vote for the LDP must be hoping that it’s doing it as a deliberate, aesthetic decision and not because it ran out of content.

Counterbalancing the understatement of the home page are the full policy platform** and its summary in PDF format—which spill off screen at the margins, forcing me to zoom out to 90%、 or scroll sideways to read each line, which really isn’t an alternative. Is the message here: We’re really thinking big? Or is it: Rats! We should get a refund  from Dentsu/Hakuhodo/Whoeverdidthewebsite?

Some red breaks into the new-look home page in its headline features frame when Shinzo Abe, Shigeru Ishiba, or the LDP slides in. The public appears to be represented by the color green. You’re green, we’re green, but our leaders are red hot, it seems. And a dark, gray monotone reiterating the LDP call for “an independent constitution” reminds us that it was a sad, sad day when the GHQ foisted that linguistically-challenged*** contraption on us.

We also know that Abe’s people like mah-jong. Proof? The platform documents feature the word Ikki-tsūkan, (一気通貫), which is a rough mah-jong equivalent of, say, a high pair or low treys, depending on how you achieve it. Is this Showa-retro? Except there are lots and lots of katakana words, which is probably not good for old people, who are, after all, the LDP’s core demographic.

I’ll actually be reading the documents later in the day. Wish me luck.

* Am I the only person that stopped using Firefox when it no longer featured the old Chrome toolbar? Why won’t Mozilla develop its own online browser? It was a great opportunity to take over the itinerant browsing market. Instead, I owe my soul to the company store, so to speak.
** should we stop calling them manifestos? The DPJ kind of gave it a bad name, and it always reminded me of Lenin and Stalin anyway.
*** That’s at least one thing that everyone, from left to right, can agree on.


Jan Moren said...

Hm, I don't get your comment on Firefox? What is missing?

I normally use Firefox, but try out Chrome now and again. They seem almost identical in use, so no reason for me to switch. And I rely on stuff like Zotero for work, so I wouldn't dump Firefox altogether anyhow.

Jun Okumura said...

The one complaint that I had about Firefox as a heavy browser (browserer?) was that it would become slower with use and eventually come crashing down and I'd have to reboot it again. More generally, Chrome had a cleaner, quicker feel to it, though that could very well be subjective.

Jun Okumura said...

There's at least one function for which Chrome doesn't work properly, though, which is why I do my online jigsaw puzzles on Firefox.