Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mazie K. Hirono Would Not Have Been Elected Senator If She Were Not an Asian-American

And no, not because this was Hawaii, though that certainly must have helped, but because she’s by all accounts a self-described “non-practicing Buddhist.” And if you think I’m wrong, imagine a White politician trying to get away with being a “non-practicing Buddhist.” Let’s push this further and try “non-practicing Christian.” But I’m guessing that a “secular Jew” is acceptable. I’m also guessing that I know what “non-practicing” really stands for. And I’m guessing that the United States will see a woman become President well before any of these “non-practicing” people do.*

Such were the thoughts that this post on the Noahpinion blog (and some wine) touched off.

* Senator Hirono, of course, is not eligible for the Presidency since she is an immigrant. This is another one of the non-democratic anachronisms in the US Constitution.

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