Friday, November 16, 2012

Pre-New Year Election Takes Care of One Problem

I previously mentioned in passing that DPJ refusal to give would-be defectors their leave could cause serious legal problems for them and the parties that would take them in. I thought that the resultant political bigamy could be a real problem, since there was a chance that the snap election would be held after January 1, the benchmark date for the Diet member headcount, whichthat determines the distribution of one half of the government subsidy for political parties. Well, the question became moot for the House of Representatives (HOR) since the Dietthat House is being dissolved today. The HORs lose their jobs instantly, which means that Article 4, paragraph (2) of the DPJ Bylaws no longer applies, freeing each and every one of them to leave the DPJ by simply filing a slip of paper, just giving the reason for his/her resignation.

No, Article 6 of the Organization Rules, which dictates the resignation procedure for non-Diet members, does not require a departing ex-loved one to tell the truth.

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