Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Election 2014: Okinawa

The Social Democratic Party won a single-seat race in Okinawa, but its national take of the proportional representation vote continued its steady decline, from 1,420,790 (2.34%)  to 1,314,441 (2.46%). Okinawa also produced a JCP single-member district winner, and other anti-base candidates took the other two, forcing all four LDP candidates to get in through the proportional representation list. So yes, the Okinawa LDP will be well-represented, the Futenma-Henoko transfer can be kept alive by cash and sheer force, and Okinawa does not have an alternative to its current status, but if I were Xi Jinping and I really wanted to mess with Shinzo Abe, I’d wait for the next fatal incident to spring a deal that would be very favorable to an independent Okinawa/Ryukyu.

Time to rethink the overall defense doctrine itself?

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