Friday, December 26, 2014

The Sony Hack Revisited

Embarrassing as it is to reach a wide public only to be proven wrong by subsequent facts, I am happy that the movie Interview is being streamed online and shown in theaters. Specifically, my guess that there were further disclosures at stake was proven wrong. But then, so was President Obama, if the Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO is to be believed. The Japanese media appears to credit Mr. Obama and other critics of the initial decision to cancel the nationwide release in forcing Sony Pictures to reconsider. Now this fails to address the CEO’s near-immediate claim following Mr. Obama’s comment that Sony Pictures only cancelled because the theater chain had pulled out (after Sony Pictures, reasonably, released them from the original commitments) and was looking for other means to release it.

But I do stand by the criticism implicit in my comment: “I wonder if [President Obama] isn’t secretly relieved that they didn’t talk to him.”

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