Friday, November 17, 2006

What’s Missing in the Education Un-Debate; Also, 3 for 47 Just Ain’t Good

One thing I didn’t mention about education when I posted this is that both sides of the Diet un-debate fail to address the central issue, which is that the whole twelve-year el-hi education system is driven by the January-March entrance-exam gateway to the universities and colleges. And that goes for the students and schools that have fallen through the cracks as well.

I have next to no ideas how to solve this problem. But any proposal that that fails to recognize this fundamental fact of life today, and make it the central element of the education debate, is bound to fail. That is why I give the DPJ an F as well.

Miyazaki Prefecture looks pretty scary too. That’s three governments (if not governors, though the media is beginning to beat up on Mr. Tadahiro Ando) out of 47. Have we already beaten the US record?

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Jun Okumura said...

In what is becoming a recurring pattern, the media is going into a full court press on Governor Ando, and the police are leaking all over.