Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Governors Galore in Graduates Gallery at METI

As Yoshinobu Nisaka, METI Class of '73, coasted to victory over the Communist candidate in the Wakayama gubernatorial election, Tetsuji Mochinaga, yet another ex-METI official, Class of '83, announces for the race to replace the Miyazaki (now ex-)governor, who resigned in disgrace and has been judged guilty until proven guilty. At this rate, we'll have to start using our toes to count 'em. (Up to eight ex-METI already?)

And as if to prove that not all things come in threes, the Hiroshima Prefecture Assembly has decided to get in on the act by adopting a resolution that calls on their governor to resign. The LDP/Komeito coalition that had supported the governor since his election also agreed to the resolution… Hmm, I know the perfect ex-METI candidate, clean as a whistle, long on, um, charisma, even longer on wonk… M.T., are you reading this? There's nothing more for you to do at METI…

Seriously, Mr. Mochinaga is long on wonk, short on charisma, but he's bravely standing as the LDOP candidate. Gone are the days when you wanted to run as an independent if at all possible. Can the DPJ come up with someone credible as well?

That, of course, is the 64,000 Yen Question.

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