Friday, August 24, 2007

More on the Khalil Gibran International Academy

I took note of it here. WaPo now says In New York, a Word Starts a Firestorm. Reading the article, it is apparent that it was more like the lynching party finally catching up with the victim. With an Orthodox Jew who doesn't understand Arabic now charge, it' s hard to escape the impression that the New York authorities are waiting for the school to whither and fade away. Assume you were a Muslim and thinking of sending your child there. What would you do now?

So I guess my rhetorical question is: Will any American of note come to Ms. Almontazeri's defense? The school's? Not if Dr. Pipes, who has obviously learned well from his many years of studying the USSR, has his way:

"Daniel Pipes, a pro-Israel conservative who created Campus Watch, a Web site dedicated to exposing alleged bias in university Middle East-studies programs, wrote in the New York Sun that the school would cause problems because "learning Arabic in [and] of itself promotes an Islamic outlook."

Would there be an outcry in the US if someone opposed teaching Hebrew in schools, saying, "learning Hebrew in and of itself promotes a Jewish outlook"?

And then I wonder, am I any different from these people?


Ken said...

C3PO must be the enemy of everyone in the universe...he speaks something like 3 million languages.

Jun Okumura said...

And he looks different. And talks kinda funny. But he doesn't take your job and steal your women and reproduce like rabbits…