Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ichiro Ozawa: Jason or Jesus?

Let's see, there's the LDP (1969-93, where in 1991 a 49 year old Ichiro Ozawa declined the party presidency and also had his first angina attack, foreshadowing in true theatrical fashion the rest of his career), the Japan Renewal Party (1993-94), the New Frontier Party (1994-98), the Liberal Party (1998-2003), the DPJ (2003-), and now DPJ 2. That's six. Now Jason Vorhees has made it to eleven with Jason vs. Freddy, and shows no sign of letting up, while Jesus by all widely accepted accounts has made only one Resurrection. So I guess Mr. Ozawa belongs somewhere between Heaven and Hell, like us mere mortals.

I wish I could say that I'd purposely used the drama metaphor in this post and left Mr. Ozawa out of the post-climax - a la Holmes at Reichenbach Falls - in the anticipation of yet another sequel. In fact, I had thought – if I'd given the matter any thought at all - that it went without saying that Mr. Ozawa was finally finished as a political leader. My only solace is that all I have to do as an update is add the following line to the end of that post, now that Mr. Ozawa is back:

Mr. Ozawa's return, if anything, will make it even more imperative for the doubly embarrassed DPJ to look responsible and reasonable.

The fear of defection was palpable among the other party leaders, as was their alpha-doglessness.

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