Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Japanese Self-Defense Force Aircraft in China? They’re Laying It on Thick

The story’s on all the major daily websites so it must be true; Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura told the press today (May28) that China has asked Japan for help with regard to relief material and its means of transport, including from the Self-Defense Force. The Japanese authorities are working on it.

It is nice. What better way to remind the Chinese people that, no, we are not a military threat to China?

It’s also like being the class nerd and the varsity quarterback and the rest of the jocks have been tormenting you and all of a sudden he’s cozying up to you and telling his buddies to lay off of you. You think you know what’s going on—final exams coming up and he wants that scholarship from the local Big Ten school—but it’s still scary, because you don’t know when the world is going to flip once more and he stomps all over you again.

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