Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Should Be Responding to the People Who Stuck with Me…

But I’m weary to my bones, so—and the slacker that I am and to save LCH the trouble of googling—for those of you who come to my blog not named DM… I give you… Jonte Moaning! Channeling J.P. Polnareff?

FYI, that’s his real name, Jonte Moaning, Jefferson High School, class of 2001.

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Anonymous said...

How about responding to this?

I am hopelessly conflicted over the prosecutor's decision to continue with this case. On the one hand, if the law may have been broken it should be investigated. On the other hand, we know of multiple LDP scandals, and we can surely suspect there are many many more. So I cannot understand the choices the prosecutor's office makes. The only conclusions I can reach are either: 1) the prosecutor's office is politicized, which would be very very bad; 2) the DPJ leaders are worse at hiding their illegal activities than LDP members.