Friday, March 25, 2011

Kan’s Second Week Speech to the Nation and My Expectations for Media Coverage

Here’s my snap reaction to Prime Minister Kan’s 7:30PM speech to mark the passing of two weeks since the earthquake and tsunami.

Speech: Somber to the point of flat and boring, designed mostly to make sure that he touched on all the important points.

Q&A: Four questions from the media about the Fukushima end game, the escalation in the government evacuation recommendations, the discrepancy between the overseas reaction and the government’s own (20-39km vs. 80km), and four stock, non sequitur answers.

I think that the print media is going to pan it. Kan definitely does not have what it takes to front a band IYKWIAS.


Mark said...

This is really getting out of hand. Japan desperately needs to get rid of Kan. And everyone needs to start telling the truth.

Jun Okumura said...


For all I know, he's issuing orders left and right from his office and every one of them has been 100% on point. Then again, maybe not. In any case, there are things that are expected of political leaders in crisis, and he appears to be incapable of providing them. Beyond the crisis though, I actually like the policy directions in which he intends to take Japan. Strange man.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this guy? He lit politics up back in the 90s. Is he just old, or did we have him wrong the first time around? I just don't get it...

Jun Okumura said...


I think that he is what he was. In the 90s, he pushed against the establishment as Health and Welfare Minister and gave the go-ahead to the DPJ policy wonks to cooperate with their LDP counterparts to contain the Asian financial crisis. But he seems to have all the wrong instincts for a “Commander-in-Chief.”

You never know how someone will do in the test of his/her lifetime. I think he lasts until the 2012 DPJ leadership election, but not until the next lower house general election.

Isabella said...

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