Monday, June 25, 2012

Very Brief Assessment of Noda’s Performance

This is it. “[Noda]'s done a pretty good job, all things considered. He's done two very important things: set priorities, then stick to them. The Noda administration could have done a much better job of managing the restart process after it took over and it surely could have caved more quickly on the Article 3 Commission impasse, but some of the blame has to go to Edano, Hosono, and to a lesser extent their bureaucracies. It's also mostly missing in action on TPP, but I can totally understand the political need to underplay this while the other two priorities are yet to be settled. You could say that two years of reconciling the manifesto pot pourri and the exigencies of the coalition with reality set the table for prioritization while Hatoyama and Kan in their own ways made prioritization a necessity. Still, it could have been much, much worse. And the Noda administration now seems to be trending upwards even as it pushes restarts and tax hikes. He's giving the public something specific that it wants that is distinct from the actual policies that he pushes.” That’s it for now.


Mark said...

I am writing an article about what has been happening to me. Here it is, in case your interested:

It's not done yet, obviously. But while doing the research for the article, I noticed that you hadn't responded to something I wrote:

"A while back, you implied that the West was turning its back on itself. When I pressed you on the topic, you mentioned the racial composition of America as evidence of that. Having learned a little more since then, I don't think the racial composition of America is the source of your belief that the West is turning its back on itself. Personally, I am tired of all the lies and deceit. I think hiding the past - and the present - simply enable people to continue doing the same old crap over and over again. I think too much information is out there for the truth to be suppressed forever. And as China continues its rise, I think it would be helpful if it has a better understanding of what has happened. Don't you?"

Actually, you did respond, sort of. You wrote:

"Please tell me which post you are referring to. I’ve always had a weak memory, and the years have done nothing to improve it."

I forgot to show you where your post was. It's here:

Can I get a response now?

Anonymous said...

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