Monday, July 16, 2012

Even More Briefly, Test Tube Babies Courtesy of Thailand

One more bite out of the mainstream media.

The front page headline on the Monday hardcopy Yomiuri reads: 90 Couples [Choose] Thai Sex-Choice Birth. Two days without natural catastrophes, political scandals, multiple murders and the like ain’t nuthin’ to sneer at. But what really caught my attention was this:

“According to [Thai?] intermediary businesses…as for the Japanese [couples], more than 90% want girls, and in most cases already have multiple male children.”

It goes on to say that Indians and Chinese are also seeking treatment. Why do I think that their gender preferences go in the opposite direction? I’ve always believed that the Japanese people are at their roots deeply matriarchal, a societal feature that is often obscured by the formal Sinic power structure that has been successively overlaid on top throughout its written history. This piece reinforces my conviction.

Has anyone looked into the sudden 7.5% year-on-year dip in the suicide rate in January-June? Not quite as surprising as the leap it took in 1998, but ultimately, unexplainable except in reductive terms, I’m sure.

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