Monday, August 05, 2013

TPP: Any Buyer’s Remorse from Japanese Diet Possible?

Not after the Japanese government signs on.

I just finished talking to an analyst who wanted to know if there would be any potential road bumps when the eventual TPP bills go to the Japanese Diet. (He’s an American, so go figure.) I told him not to worry, since the LDP-New Komeito coalition exercise tight discipline on its Diet members, who would place their political careers at dire risk if the voted against the party line. The only other country that I could come up with that might have US-like problems was South Korea—which, as my interlocutor was quick to remind me, is not party to the negotiations (KORUS FTA is already in place so there’s less urgency)—which also happens to have a presidential system.

I did this as a matter of professional courtesy, so I thought I’d share this point with you as well.

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