Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TPP: The Trade Adjustment Assistance Angle, from Paul Sracic

You can find many analysts who will explain the difficulties of a severely weakened Obama administration getting fast-track, Trade Promotion Authority from the current Congress any time soon, but Paul Sracic is the only one I’m aware of who has pointed to the Trade Adjustment Assistance angle, in his Bloomberg analysis entitled “Obama’s Trade Deal With Asia: Not So Fast”.

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Jan Moren said...

I've been fretting over the possibility of Japan actually agreeing to the terms of what seems to be a fairly bad treaty, but it didn't occur to me that the US might possibly scrap the whole thing for internal political reasons.

If USA abandons the treaty for now - and it seems like a possibility - then I do wonder what the other nations will do. They've all done a lot of work hammering out differences, and some may well find it convenient to reuse the negotiations for more limited bilateral treaties with those nations they've had the easiest time negotiating with.