Saturday, May 12, 2007

Japan: Sakaki, Masakaki; Big Difference, MTC Points Out

As the Shisaku blog points out, masakaki is what the 50,000 Yen paid for, not the name of the plant, which is masaki. Got it, me?

MTC always links through, never directly. This may be common courtesy, but it makes it easier to agree to disagree, as we so often do.


MTC said...

Dammit Jun -

There is no such plant as a masaki. It's a sakaki.

Masaki is the guy in Arashi.

Jun Okumura said...

Sorry, I meant sakaki. But there is such a thing as masaki, brought to you here, in photos* not nearly as pretty as yours.

*The photos that you take, not of you, personally. Though I am sure there are many women who will disagree with me.

MTC said...


I stand corrected. I might even have a photo of a shoreline-dwelling masaki species among my photos from my recent trip to the Manazuru Peninsula.

Many thanks!