Friday, September 07, 2007

Correction Plus re Koizumi Children/New Wind

…as follow-up to this

Atarashii Kaze (New Wind), the prep school Tsutomu Takebe founded for LDP newbie Lower House members after the 2005 election that brought in a slew of rookies some of whom were decidedly raw, has 26 full members consisting of: 1 Chairman, Mr. Takebe; 2 second-term members; 22 first-term members; and 2 people seeking office. It has added one first-term member and lost none.

Four of the first-term members belong to factions. Mr. Takebe himself belongs to the Yamazaki faction. All other full members are unaligned.

New Wind also has seven multi-term "special members," all of whom belong to factions.

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