Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pentagon: Counter-terrorism Oil Not Being Used for Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remember this? The following Yomiuri report says that a Pentagon spokesman has stated that the Japanese fuel oil provided under the counter-terrorism act is not being used for Operation Iraqi Freedom and the offending web pages have been altered to avoid any misunderstanding.

Although Mr. Ishihara did not say anything that was obviously wrong, he said so much in his extensive explanations to justify the Iraqi connection that the DPJ should find plenty of material to draw on in criticizing the coalition government when the Diet convenes. The saving grace is that he is no longer Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Incidentally, I've reached the tentative conclusion that there are only two probable outcomes to the counter-terrorism act extension: a new comprehensive act that arrives in time to allow the JSDMF refueling ships to continue its operations uninterrupted; or a new law authorizing the Afghanistan operations that creates a maximum two-month gap that must be filled. I'll see if I can find the time to put it together later in the day.


 【ワシントン=五十嵐文】米国防総省のスチュワート・アップトン報道担当官は7日、読売新聞の取材に対し、テロ対策特別措置法に基づき海上自衛隊 がインド洋で実施している給油がイラク戦争にも転用されているのではないかとの指摘が出ていることについて、「日本の補給艦から給油を受けている参加国 は、OEF(アフガニスタンでの『不朽の自由作戦』)を支援するために燃料を使うとの合意の下に活動している」と述べ、イラクへの転用説を否定した。



(2007年9月8日11時22分 読売新聞)

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