Friday, October 05, 2007

From Asahi, Peace Depot Update on JMSDF OEF-MIO? OIF? Refueling Activities

Today's Asahi brings us the news that Peace Depot, in the second installment of their investigations, which I previously chronicled here. Peace Depot has confirmed mainly through the log records of the Fleet Replenishment Oiler USNS Pecos, which had made the controversial 80,000 gallon retransfer to the USS Kitty Hawk, had subsequently refueled the Egis cruiser Coupens, then replenished locally and repeatedly refueled other US Marine and other vessels in the Persian Gulf. Peace Depot asserts that this deepens suspicions that the 800,000 gallon fuel oil in question, even if it had not been used to refuel the Kitty Hawk, was indeed used for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Asahi, perhaps weighted by its initial support of refueling activities back in the day, takes a We-Report, You-Decide approach to the latest revelations.

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