Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yet Another Correction and Apology from Yours Truly as the Prime Minister Moves into the Official Residence. (Oh well, at Least I'm Not Mr. Ozawa.)

Yomiuri says:

Prime Minister Fukuda Inspects the Official Residence, Indicates Eagerness for Long-Term Regime

Prime Minister Fukuda, who continues to maintain a daily 30-minute commute from his private Tokyo residence, inspected the Official Residence located next to the Prime Minister's Office in anticipation of his move there.

The Prime Minister and his wife took approximately 45 minutes to look around the newly redecorated Official Residence. "It looks pretty now," he said, looking satisfied.

Asked by the group of reporters, "How long do you want to live here," the Prime Minister replied, "If I say one month, that is too short, but if I say ten years, that's too long. I guess it's somewhere in between, right," indicating in that "Fukuda way" his eagerness for a long tenure.

My intent, of course, is not to abject myself for yet another ("[a]nd he hates the Official Residence") of my exegetic sins, but to give you a sense of the relationship between the Prime Minister and his media minders. This reporter is ready to canonize the Prime Minister. Note the use of the collective in referring to the press as kishadan (which I translated as group of reporters) for this one question, as if he/she had expressed the collective will. Can there be anything that describes the good will and camaraderie between the Prime Minister and the reporters accompanying him on a Saturday to come away with no story but his inspection?

This is what the DPJ is up against.

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