Sunday, February 10, 2008

Headline from Japan-China Finance-Ministers Bilateral

The following is an actual headline from the Sunday Sankei, which you remember has a special place in its heart for poisoned Chinese dumplings:

“Chinese Dumplings”: Agreement on Investigation and Preventing Recurrence - Japan-China Financial Ministers Meeting
(「ギョーザ」 究明と再発防止で一致 日中財務相会談)

The following is a translation of an excerpt from the official interpreter's memo. (Trust me.)

Listen, Xie Xuren, give us a break on the East China gas fields, and I’ll tell you what we really said about you at the G-8…

ADD (February 11): Whoa, Yomiuri has more or less the same headline:

Japan-China Finance Ministers Meeting: Agree to Cooperation in Solving the Case of the Chinese Dumplings


Here are two guys sitting on the two biggest (and growing) piless of US Treasury Bonds on the planet, the global financial market is tanking; and all they have to talk about are the poisoned Chinese dumplings?

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