Saturday, April 12, 2008

And I Thought David Brooks Was Writing about the Clintons

Seriously, given the title “The Great Forgetting” and the fact that I reached it through a link on the Real Clear Politics home page. Come to think of it, both Barack Obama and John McCain have also had embarassing memory lapses, though Mr. McCain’s continued confusion of the Islamic sects could be a function of age. Still, the Clintons must be setting a record of some kind.

Senator Clinton looked good in the Petreus-Crocker hearings, though. She looked... senatorial. Like, say, Sam Nunn. Most Democrats must be hoping that she'll resume working there full time now.

On a related note, Mr. Obama has been narrowing the superdelegates gap this week. The thirty-strong Obama endorsement never happened and Mrs. Clinton had been showing surprising staying strength (or the PLEOs, as they are known, kept finding reasons to stay on the fence) for several weeks, well after calls for her to shut down had surfaced. In hindsight, I think Bosnia was the last straw.

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