Sunday, August 03, 2008

He Lives! The Masque of the Bush Administration

President Bush.
Vice President Cheney.
Laura Bush.
Condoleezza Rice.
Donald Rumsfeld.

The Dick Cheney mask, and the Dick Cheney mask alone, is astonishingly realistic.

Just sayin’.

— courtesy of Princess Sparkle Pony


Michael Reimer said...

Speaking of whom, Jun, you may be interested in this if you haven't already seen it:

On His Last Day in Office, Bush Will Pardon Himself and Cheney

Jun Okumura said...

This is not South Korea, where going after your predecessors is the sport of presidents. I don't think that a Democratic Congress will do anything of the sort either. However, it will not spare the hired hands, as its investigations of hiring and firing decisions in the Bush Justice Department shows. That has led to speculation elsewhere on this blog (it may have been between you and me, Michael) that President Bush might issue a blanket, preemptive pardon for them.