Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Japanese Government Threat to North Korea

The Japanese government prepares to shoot down the North Korean ballistic projectile if it looks like it will fall on Japanese territory, and that’s a “threat to shoot down N. Korean satellite”? Since when has the C in CNN stood for “commie”? Who do they think they are, BBC?

Kidding. In fact, the article itself is pretty tame—again, reminding us of BBC.

The quest for online eyeballs can be pretty pathetic, though. For example, yesterday’s CNN segment on its reporter stalking AIG employees in London (after a NYT op-ed had already effectively eviscerated the mainstream media, CEO Edward Liddy and everybody in Washington including Obama) was Samantha Bee on The Daily Show without the laughs. If I am seeing the future of the media, it looks a lot like Geraldo.


David said...

I assume the NYT Op-ed you are referring to is the "I quit" by the AIG executive?

I think the media is already at or past the Geraldo stage and has been for quite sometime. One might even get straighter, more accurate news from The Daily Show.

Jun Okumura said...

Yes. It's like the link between Saddam Hussein and 9.11. The legend will endure long after the story dies.

I see that Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert are going after the Obama administration. And some of their stuff is devastating. But I think there's a little too much of cream skimming and cheap shots to fully qualify it as journalism. And I say this as a fan.