Friday, June 11, 2010

My Two Yen(=0.018182 Euros) on the BP Spill

I was talking to a business strategy consultant today when talk turned to communication strategy, which reminded me of BP and its continuous oil spill. That is, how can BP, pump so much obvious money into corporate branding, then fail so badly when the shit hits the fan? Haven’t they heard of Yukijirushi? Okay, Enron? And every other corporation whose media minders and top executives put stuff out that was likely to be contradicted later for no visible motive other than to snatch a short reprieve from public scrutiny?

It’s cold comfort to know that we in Japan are not alone.

Even more surprising, though, is the amateurish look of the effort to stop the oil spill. They look like a ten year-old kid and his friends, coming over while his parents went out, who set the kitchen on fire; they’re doing their best to put it out before the parents come home—but they’re ten year-old kids!

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