Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Watch Movie End Credits Too

Some thoughts on reading this report:

Watch Japanese anime credits and you wonder where all those Latin American animators who replaced their more expensive Japanese competitors dozens of year ago went. Japanese animators are back with a vengeance, now more often than not in collaboration with their South Korean (and some) Chinese counterparts. What happened to Japan’s anime labor force? Technology? The lost decade(s)? Ghibli? Japan Cool?

Watch American movie credits and you’ll see very few names identifiable as obviously African-American, the Chaunceys and DeShawns (and its multiple spelling variations) and Tawana and the like. Instead, you’ll see fully European names, plus a good number of Korean, Chinese, Indian and Japanese surnames. I suspect that liner notes (or whatever they have on CDs or on iTune these days) sport very different looks.


Anonymous said...

So by your criteria Eric Holder or Anthony Jones (better known as "Van") would be assumed to be Caucasian.

And some people think the Tea Parties are racist!

Jun Okumura said...

I didn't realize that "Eric" and "Anthony" were identifiable as obviously African-American.

The problem, ma'am, is your lack of respect for simple rules of logic, and any familiarity with the African-American community beyond Washington folks who would never give those names to their children.

I suggest you get a life.