Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One-Day Delay in the Announcement, But It's Official; Mr. Abe Goes to Beijing, Seoul

There was a one-day hitch that had me worried, but it's official; Prime Minister Abe is going to Bejing and Seoul on the 8th and 9th.

I'd been telling the few people who bothered to ask that I thought there was a tacit deal on Yasukuni between Mr. Abe and his counterparts on the continent (and a Northeast Asia specialist backed my hunch with his firsthand knowledge at the China end), but I did have jitters when he went long and deep so early in the game, so publicly, and even allowed his people to indicate that he was not following MOFA directions in the process.

So what does this prove? That Mr. Abe, if he looked in his Diet debut as prime minister like an understudy trying hard to show he belongs while not forgetting his lines, has shown even more flair for the big play than his redoubtable predecessor, if his initial foray into the Great Game is any indication.

And that armchair quarterbacks, like me, are just that.





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