Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Blog Has Lost Touch with Firefox. Has This Happened to You?

When I posted the last entry, the blog went haywire on the Firefox browser and displayed part of the raw template HTML. I tried to correct this to no avail. This is not affecting any of the other blogs that I go to, including my own Tales from The Cryptic. Luckily, this blog displays normally on Internet Explorer, so I'm not moving to a new one just yet.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Please let me know.

While looking for a backdoor to this blog, I did a search for the URL and came across a 2 Channneru thread on Yoshihisa Komori, where somebody had put it up. Interestingly, almost all the comments were critical of Komori, if not with the same 2 Channeru vehemence, venom, and vitriol rserved for China and the Koreas. Anonyrage on 2 Channeru is bipartisan.

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