Thursday, January 03, 2008

BBC Hearts Deepak Chopra? Me Salve Deus!

Faithful readers have been aware of my disenchantment with BBC as a credible news outlet. On 31 December, in a fawning, one-hour interview of Deepak Chopra, a BBC “Sorry I Don’t Do Hard Talk” host lobbed one softball question after another without even any follow-up questions. I looked through the BCC website, but could not find a trace. I hope that it was a bad dream.

In case you don’t know who Mr. Chopra is, he is a medical doctor by training who makes a lot of money by connecting sound medical facts to gooey New Age blather. Think, Hiroyuki Ehara with an M.D. …if I only knew how they did it…

Speaking of BBC, read this. To quote:

Since the landmark disarmament deal was agreed in February, North Korea has closed its main reactor at Yongbyon. Steps are currently underway to permanently disable it.

But the second stage of the process - a written declaration providing a complete account of all Pyongyang's nuclear activities - has proved more problematic.

In fact, this is not as ridiculous as it seems. U.S. authorities are letting it leak that North Korea missing the Yongbyon deadline (which the BCC unknowingly overlooks altogether) is a technical glitch, and will be rectified in a few months. We’ll see.

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