Thursday, January 10, 2008

Upper House to Demand that Lower House Show Respect. Caveat: It Is a Sankei Scoop

I posted on the DPJ gyrations over the new anti-terrorism bill here in the expectation that the matter would finally die a merciful death. However, this article claims that the DPJ now wants to introduce an Upper House resolution that criticizes the Lower House in the event of a supermajority override vote. According to the Sankei, the DPJ wants the Upper House to demand a little respect from its more glamorous sibling.

One possibility is that some mucky-muck in the People’s New Party leaked it, just to spite the faithless DPJ. Remember, the People’s New Party is the DPJ’s main squeeze in the Upper House*, so it would be the first to know. Another is that somebody not named Ichirō Ozawa in the DPJ leaked it before the idea got out of hand.

* But not in the Lower House; such are the arcana that swirl about the hallowed grounds of the Japanese Diet.

ADD: Resquiat in pace. Please.

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