Thursday, November 06, 2008

Responding to Recent Comments

Re Norimitsu Onishi’s Obsession with Japanese Revisionism Continues:
James: As you must already be aware, I took that up in a subsequent post.

Anonymi: Are you aware that the Japanese MSM media, Sankei being the notable exception, post only a fraction of its content on its website?
Re The Meaning of Komeito as a Coalition Partner:
Mark: I am not familiar with the teachings and history of the mainstream Nichiren sect (or more appropriately the specific Nichiren school of thought that Sokagakkai sprouted from) and its laic offshoot Sokagakkai, but my guess is that the schism came about the other way around, with Sokagakkai evolving into a heresy, instead of using the Lotus Sutra to dress up ia homespun creed. As for Mormonism (and Scientology) and its relationship with mainstream Christianity, see this Slate article.
Re: The Latest, Troubling Twist in the Tamogami Incident:
Princess (or you-know-who): The video clip is not that funny as political satire goes. Liberals have set high standards as far as political humor goes. Which reminds me, take away the Buckleys, Rush Limbaugh, Evelyn Waugh and Aristophanes, and you don’t have very many, really funny conservatives left. I don’t know if—as a financial strategist-turned-academics once told me—Democrats have more fun, but they are more fun, that’s for sure.

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