Saturday, November 08, 2008

You Are on Notice, Bullturd

On Thursday, I listened to an academic who chose to speak off the record about a public figure and mentioned a few facts already in the public domain, but mostly engaged in ad hominem attacks of a highly conjectural nature. I’d seen him do this before, so I was willing to let it slide. However, by coincidence, I happened to see a video clip broadcast the following day in a country that will go unnamed here, where the same academic gave a brief but very different account of his feelings for the public figure.

I know that several people who read this blog were there, and perhaps others who were there will surely recognize this academic by my explanation of the Thursday event. If any of you have any mercy for this misbegotten piece of bullturd, please inform him that the next time I catch him doing the same stunt, I will expose his name on this blog. I do not believe that this will violate my implicit consent for his demand that he be allowed to talk off the record.

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