Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oi No Go? Not So Fast

Today, on May 21, the Fukui District Court handed down a decision that forbids KEPCO from restarting the nuclear power units at the Oi Nuclear Power Station. It was momentous enough to warrant an extra from the always excitable Sankei Shimbun, it seems.

But there’s less than meets the eye here. The verdict will not affect the regulatory process for the Oi units one way or the other. There’s no hurry here since they were not fast-tracked by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, and the Osaka High Court will overturn the verdict on appeal and everything will be as if nothing had happened.

You read it hear first.

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Anonymous said...

If the Osaka High Court were to overturn the verdict, that would indeed be newsworthy, because the court of appeal is the Kanazawa branch of the Nagoya High Court. Of course, that is the same branch that ordered the Monju reactor shut down...