Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Cabinet Office Is Not Forthcoming on the Education Rebuilding Council

Three weeks since the Education Rebuilding Council last met, and they have yet to release even a summary of the proceedings on the Cabinet Office website. I assume that a lot of nemawashi is going on in anticipation of the release of the first Council report later this month, and I can understand the desire to keep the issue out of the media for the time being. But what will the Council members say when the report does come out?

Shinzo Abe is not the first Japanese prime minister to try his hand at Kantei-driven governance, and it looks more and more likely that it will turn out to be yet another noble experiment, but not much more.


ross said...

So what happened? Can you direct me to something I should read?

Jun Okumura said...

Nothing that I'm aware of that you can't google "教育再生 運営委員会" for. The ERC steering committee met on December 28. Reconsidering "ゆとり教育" is in, September matriculation will be considered, but there's not much more. The event went mostly unremarked on as a follow-up to the 12.21 fiasco. The MSM seems to have relied mostly on some wire sevice. A stroke of genius to have held the SC sssion on the day Japan knocks off work early, get drunk, and go home (not to come back to work until the first weekday after January 3.)