Monday, January 15, 2007

Disclosure: Mssrs. Matsumoto and Ibuki Show Us How, How Not, to Do It

Takeaki Matsumoto, the head of the DPJ Policy Research Council, shows you how to do it. He gave an itemized account of the "expenses", so that should be that. Fumiaki Ibuki, on the other hand, hasn't been as forthcoming, but that has not stopped "sources", including his aides, from holding out tidbits as the Asahi keeps combing public records and talking to them, then writing it up. That does not look like a good way to deal with it. Is it foolishness? Or is it a rock and hard place dilemma?

Cutting losses, in this case by resigning, is another option, but Fujiya management shows you how difficult that is. Fujiya, Yukijirushi; more or less same business, exactly the same, out-of-date milk, possibly the same results. What's even more amazing about this was that the problem had come to light as part of a look-over by outside consultants to look around and tell it what to do.

Of course if none of this is illegal, the LDP leadership may decide that the slow hemorrhage of credibility is preferable to a double amputation on the heels of the Sada resignation, and hope that the media will tire of the issue and go away. Katsutoshi Matsuoka has his share of flaws, but he's learned his craft well under Muneo Suzuki, and will not go gently into the night.

This is a real shame for the prime minister, who has been making further headway with his Chinese and South Korean counterparts in Sebu.


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