Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Presidential Dressing Down: or, Emulating Success

Sarkozy Goes Dancing on 'Le Web', says CNN. Actually, the Sarkozy web site is not as damaging as the latest DPJ commercial. Beyond that, it's a matter of taste. But where did he get this new "tieless guy in suit" look from? The movie The Godfather?

(Copied from CNN web page; will drop on request from CNN)

Actually, no. As the son of an immigrant father and a native-born mother who is running for president, he is obviously channelling this guy:

(courtesy of flickr)

Barack Obama, of course, wasn't born not wearing a tie either. He, in turn, is copying this guy:

(courtesy of flickr)

But why is Mr. Obama taking a cue from Mahmoud Ahmadinjad of all people? The obvious answer: he's trying to dress successfully. Remember, Mr. Ahmadinejad scored a come-from-behind, upset victory in the Iranian presidential election. That is why he's doing it, or his middle name is Hussein; as Fox News will be quick to remind you.

So there you go. Who knows, in 2009, the world may have to deal with an Axis of Male Presidential Slobs. And they will all have nuclear weapons. Ségolène Royal or Hillary Clinton can do something about the first problem. Maybe Israel's popular Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will take over from the embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and take care of the second one.

Question of the day: Why doesn't Mr. Ahmadinejad wear a tie?


Anonymous said...
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Jun Okumura said...

Had to throw out another piece of junk. Don't these spanners know I don't need Viagra?

And neither do these three fine gentlemen either.