Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fellow Blogger Brings Article to My Attention.

I'm sure this must be a parody. Or a hoax a la the Sokal affair; the guy juust wanted to see what he could get away with.

Exhibit A:

Win-win-win requires '3 Rs'
Successfully navigating primary interests will allow the three countries to avoid conflict, but win-win-win cooperation also requires high standards for state behavior. These standards include "three Rs": respect, restraint and responsibility. Each principle applies to the United States, China and Japan, but it is useful to emphasize the most relevant policy adjustments for each country.

Why am I reminded of the Jingleheimer Junction video clip?

Exhibit B:

Complex processes of globalization are transforming international relations. Multidirectional socialization is under way among states, international institutions and increasingly intertwined societies. In this dynamic context, it is essential to specify what win-win-win trilateral relations would look like. Those relations would be broader, deeper and more stable than today--and better able to address pressing international problems.
The goal is distant but far from impossible. Realizing win-win-win relations requires new strategic thinking, questioning old assumptions and adjusting to new realities. Japan, China and the United States would navigate each other's primary interests and adhere to high standards for state behavior involving mutual respect, restraint and responsibility.
On this basis, multidirectional socialization would gradually produce shared strategic visions and even a sense of common identity. Only then will Japan-U.S.-China relations truly be win-win-win.

Some of the other headlines on that page are pretty weird too; that's a dead giveaway:

Thai tuna past shelf life used in rolled sushi (07/05)
Nowhere to go (07/05)
NAGOYA: Doctor told to pay for patient's death (07/05)

You know, there's guys I'd pay to see dead.

Since Fellow Blogger is taking a sabbatical, it is my duty to bring this to your attention.


Anonymous said...

Your friend has obviously not seen the Auslin piece in the Wall Street Journal. Maybe the stars were aligned badly on that day. Indeed, I have not felt well all week.

Jun Okumura said...

I think my friend refuses to read WSJ n principal.